Lovely sailboats in Lisboa.

My group of friends and I were lucky enough to get the “penthouse” of hostel rooms and had this nice balcony with a view I wouldn’t mind waking up to everyday.  Right when we arrived and everyone was taking naps inside, I just sat on the balcony and tried to soak it all in.. 

This past weekend I decided to go to Portugal with a group from our university.  I originally wasn’t planning on this trip, but the night before they left I decided to ask if they had any spots left, and sure enough, a girl got sick the day of the trip, and I took her spot.  The first picture was at a rest stop on the boarder of Spain and Portugal…I liked the trees and the cows and the hazy/quiet morning.  The bus ride was overnight and we arrived in Lisboa (Lisbon) on Friday morning and spent the day there touring.  I easily fell in love with the city, and the feeling of Portugal.  They’re relaxed in a different way than Spaniards.  They also don’t like to be compared to Spaniards.  We tried on multiple occasions to speak spanish, but they preferred english, or a little mix.  A sign in the rest stop had the menu in french, portuguese, and english only… thinking its a sign that they value their independency from spain.  Anyways, they have  relaxed and friendly personality’s of people who have spent many days in the sun.  The street vendors were some of the friendliest and least pushy I have met so far.  Lisboa was filled with white/cream and pastel colored buildings, sitting right by the sea.. the brightly colored trams running up and down through all the old buildings and cathedrals in the city added to the special feeling of it.

The lovely cathedral never gets old.  Being so close to the sea is pretty great too.  I feel pretty lucky to have landed in this amazing city.  In the beginning I was a little skeptical because I had never heard of Oviedo, and anyone I mentioned the north of spain to or the city to had no idea what I was talking about.  People know the south of Spain.. they know Madrid and Barcelona.. but no one really knows about the north, or the provence of Asturias.  The people up here in the north like it that way.  There are less tourists, it’s harder to get to.. I feel like it’s a secret destination that i’m lucky to live in.  We are 25 minutes from white sandy beaches on the northern coast.  We have snow capped mountains surrounding the city right now.  The city of Oviedo is a perfect size and the people are friendly.  The climate is rainy yes, but i’ve been lucky to experience temperatures in the 60’s in February and temperatures in the 70’s this past weekend in March… I love it here.

Cudillero is a cute little fishing town in Asturias.  One random day during the week, Lumy took me with her on a small work trip through Asturias (the provence my city is in).  We visited a city for her work, and then she told me she had a surprise for me on the way back to Oviedo.  I had no idea the surprise was going to be this town that is my favorite so far.  We took a turn off the highway and drove down through a forest towards the coast of the Celtic Sea.  We drove along it for a bit and passed a small fishing harbor, and then into the pueblo (small town) of Cudillero.  Lumy knows me too well already because I fell in love with the town right away.  It has tons of colorful buildings stacked and tucked into a cove in the mountain side.  It was a rainy day, so we were the only visitors, but the street is filled with many terraces where you’re able to have some sidra, beer, wine, or whatever else on a sunny day.  There’s a hike up to the top of the town where a lighthouse sits and you’re able to get a good view of the fishing harbor, the town, and the sea.. I will have to return on a sunny day and experience the freshest fish around.

Wandering around Oviedo.  Keep discovering more and more plazas with seating areas like this.

Light leak.  Park by my house in Oviedo.

More light leaks, and cool tile.  Morocco & Oviedo.

Light leak problems.  Oviedo & Morocco. 

Tangier, Morocco film.

Tangier, Morocco film.

Film developed from Tangier, Morocco